The business lines in the group include international transportation, shipping, logistics, customs services, logging, wood processing, manufacture of wood products, and trade.
The different business lines are separated into standalone companies – “Kiril Stoychev – 97” Ltd, “Perfect I” Ltd, and “Al-Di” Ltd.

International transportation and shipping

“Kiril Stoychev-97” Ltd is an international transportation company providing flexible, fast, and effective hauling of cargo in Europe. We offer shipping of whole and packaged cargos – a full package of transportation services with our own fleet and associated partners.

Wood processing and logging

“Perfect I” Ltd is a company in the business of wood processing and logging. Production is done in 4 units separated in 2 own manufacturing enterprises. The company has highly effective machines and equipment, and the quality of production is controlled by a team of experienced professionals.
For servicing the transportation business we have our own trucks for hauling wood.
The organization of internal processes is optimized so that it encompasses all processes of delivery, manufacturing, and sales, and closing the whole production cycle.

Development of the group

Stoychev group includes different business lines separated in a family group of companies.

Initially, the business of Kiril Stoychev started in 1991 with wood logging and processing work, which is separated into the company “Perfect I” Ltd. The business has been expanded and a transportation unit was created to service the delivery and sales.

The wife of the owner – Rosa Stoycheva, his son, Aleksandar Stoychev, and his daughter, Diana Stoycheva, are actively involved in the organization and management activities, finance and accounting.
A strict structure of interchangeability has been established in the areas of management and organization of the business.

Following a fast expansion in 2002, the transportation line was spun off into a standalone business with a separate purpose and active market presence.

Activities in the area of international transportation, shipping, and logistics are carried out entirely by the company “Kiril Stoychev – 97” Ltd.

Our Group Logos

Mission and Values

 It is our mission to offer clients consistently high quality of services and products.
Our main goal is sustainable development based on long-term relationships with our partners and employees.
Our leading principles are honesty, innovation, creativity and motivation.

By Kiril Stoychev
Executive director and owner

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