Protecting the environment

Our environment is our future and we have to take care of it!
Main principles and goals in the businesses of Stoychev group are reduction of use of fuels and energy, use of ecological and highly effective technologies with low energy expenses, effective waste management and recycling, design of work spaces with natural lighting, use of energy effective technologies, participation in various green initiatives, and others.

Energy saving

The Stoychev group enforces basic rules in order to economize on energy and fuel.

Main principles in the conduct of activities within the group are:

  • Organization of the transportation business by using the shortest and most economical routes
  • Optimal grouping of goods in order to optimize the transportation vehicles used on different routes
  • Constant supervision and coordination of the services rendered with regard to fuel economy
  • Priority use of natural light in work spaces
  • Regular analysis of the used power and water
  • Shared use of vehicles for transportation of our employees
  • Environmental training and new “green habits” of all employees of the Stoychev Group
  • Participation in various “green initiatives” for protecting the environment

Wood as a renewable energy source

Wood is a renewable energy source and with appropriate use and forestation a synergy of economic and environmental effect for society can be achieved.
Our team actively participates in various green initiatives for forestation and environmental protection.

Environmental standards

The goal of all cargo transportation automobiles in the group is to cover standards EURO5, EEV & EURO 6 for environmentally improved vehicles.

Our Group Logos

Mission and Values

 It is our mission to offer clients consistently high quality of services and products.
Our main goal is sustainable development based on long-term relationships with our partners and employees.
Our leading principles are honesty, innovation, creativity and motivation.

By Kiril Stoychev
Executive director and owner

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