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“Perfect I” Ltd manufactures squared wood material, beams, planks, boards, shingles, paneling, pallets, preparations, and many others.
The company has expanded the business and started producing semi-finished products such as pallets and others, which provide additional value.


The company’s products are used in the manufacturing of various wood elements – pallets, cable reels, wooden doors and windows, furniture, chairs, benches, tables, tents, supporting structures, fences, in agriculture and construction, roofing, flooring, paneling and many others.

Waste products

Waste materials can be used as fuel, for the production of pellets and other environment-friendly purposes.

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Mission and Values

 It is our mission to offer clients consistently high quality of services and products.
Our main goal is sustainable development based on long-term relationships with our partners and employees.
Our leading principles are honesty, innovation, creativity and motivation.

By Kiril Stoychev
Executive director and owner

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